The Casey Promise

At Casey, we promise..

1. To never charge a fee when you discover a trip through us

It's difficult to know who's trying to get a fee out of you when booking travel online. Many even use private browsing to avoid company's hiking their prices, and so on.

This is fundamentally against our values and we wouldn't dream of doing it to you.

So, we promise never to charge you a fee for discovering a trip through us. If you click our links, like the one below, you pay exactly the same as if you went direct and it's the businesses we link you to that pay us a small commission.

Here's an example:

This commission helps support the cost of running the service (see below for more on this).

2. To always put you, the traveller, first

We built Casey to make collecting amazing experiences easier. Not only that, we're committed to continuously seek out ways to offer your more value, whether it be saving you money, time or hassle.

Right now, if you discover a trip through us you'll pay the same as if you went direct. As we grow however, we will benefit from the economies of scale and will be able to command better rates and deals with our partners. When this happens, we promise to pass the savings onto you :)

3. To always be transparent with how we operate the platform, including how we make money

Too many companies in this industry are focussed only on their own interests. This comes at a cost to customers, who don't always know who to trust, whether they're getting the best price or why for example a hotel is being recommended to them.

At Casey we operate with full transparency. We only publish real travellers and real experiences. Trips are rated by the community and we will never fake the ordering of search results (unlike others in the industry).

How we make money

If you discover and book a trip through us, we earn a small commission, which helps cover the running costs of the service. In addition, it means we are able to continuously invest into the product so that it's always improving.

We're just getting started. In the future we may also offer additional paid services, but these are just ideas at this stage.

4. To always listen

Casey is a service for travellers. That's you. We don't claim to have all the answers or ideas so we encourage you to be involved! Send in your comments, your feedback and suggestions; we promise to read every submission and together build something amazing.

Say hi :)