How does it work?

Your blog is your baby.

Week in, week out you produce amazing content, packed with travel gold for your friends and followers.

Wouldn't it be great though if these readers could just book the trip that they just read about? And wouldn't it be greater still if you could get paid more for no additional effort?

This is where Casey comes in..

Casey allows you to create your very own, branded travel packages.

How you ask?

Prepare yourself for a dose of simplicity..

  1. You tell us what you'd like in your first package (flights, accommodation, activities, car hire, insurance, products.. you name it). Email us or perhaps you already have a blog post with recommendations ready to go.
  2. We create your package for you.
  3. Optionally add a little code to your blog to allow your readers to book.
  4. Get paid every time someone books one of your packages.

That's it. Really.

I use affiliate links though.. How is this different?

Glad you asked.

Affiliate links are cool, kinda. Here's why (we think) you'll get along with Casey better, though..

  1. Earn more revenue
  2. Save more time


  • The price of a Casey trip is a lot higher than e.g. linking to a hotel.
  • We generate commissions from all elements of the trip, even travel insurance and products!
  • The commission % is higher since we process such a large volume of bookings compared to an individual.
  • Higher price x more commission = more 💰 for you 😎.
  • No cookie lifetime nonsense. If your trip gets booked you get paid, period. Whether your readers buy today, tomorrow, in 2 weeks, in a year..
  • No more messing around with affiliate codes, generating special links and so on. We handle it all for you, automatically.

Can I see an example?

How rude of us. Of course :) how about a real example..

You'll notice a couple of buttons that looks like the one below:

Book this trip

Oh and feel free to reach out to Hailey (behind Global Heartbeat) to get the blogger perspective, she's super nice!

Ok, sounds interesting.. How do I find out more?

Ping us an email and we'll get you set up in minutes 😉

[email protected]

Thanks so much for reading this far! Even if you're not sure yet and have questions, we'd ❤️ to hear from you..

Team Casey