"Partnering with Casey has allowed me to create and get paid for my own travel itineraries – a real dream come true!"

Hailey DomeckHailey Domeck

Offer your followers world-class travel packages

Allow your followers to actually book the experiences you design for yourself.

Finally, a way to truly harness the value you provide as a content creator.

Let Casey do the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on what matters – creating the most amazing travel packages based on your experiences and expertise.

Effortless setup – In almost no time you'll have your first package published, ready to take bookings from your friends and followers.

Own your packages – With Casey, your packages are 100% yours, under your own brand that you've worked so hard to create.

Have full control – You are in control the whole time; over the content, the launch, how you choose to promote and there's no cost or commitment period.

"Thanks to Casey, readers of my blog now have an easy way to book a great trip, based on my recommendations. As well as helping my readers, Casey helps me as a blogger, by providing me with income that allows me to invest in producing more great content for my readers."

Mike CleggMike Clegg

Create your first package in 3 easy steps

As simple as..

1. Create and publish your package – Let us compile the package for you (with your recommendations) or take the reins yourself, it's completely up to you. You can even publish a page on your blog with all your packages in one place, making it super easy for your readers to find!

2. Let your followers know – It's time to let everyone know about your new super power! Share your Casey profile, a specific package or use one of our influencer blog plugins. We're here to help but you remain in full control.

3. Get rewarded – Earn ongoing and passive revenue while you sleep every time someone books one of your packages! We send out reports and run payouts monthly.

The most gorgeous packages out there are created with Casey

Take your content to the next level by packaging it in a beautiful, professional, bookable platform.

Super friendly package editor – Create your package in an easy to use and familiar environment. Embed anything from Instagram posts, videos, maps and widgets.

Travel integrations built in – Package anything from flights, accommodation, activities, car hire, insurance, products.. you name it. What's more, our booking engine has access to both the best online prices and even exclusive discounts so rest assured your customers will always get great value for money.

Fully optimised for web and mobile – Your packages will look stunning on any device across desktops, tablets and smartphones.

What are you waiting for?

Get started today, join other ahead of the curve influencers and start helping everyone have better travel experiences.

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