Austrian Winter in Lech

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As far as I’m concerned there are three good things about Winter; comfort food by a blazing fire, freshly fallen powder and spa indulgence after a day of skiing. This is Lech, a charming Alpine village in Austria.

  • Where: Lech, Austria
  • Month: December
  • For: 5 days
  • Suited to: Couples
  • Expect: Skiing, a Christmas market & great food and drink
  • Accommodations: 1
  • Cost (accommodation): ~€900 pp + flights
  • Spending: €100/day pp (meals, pass, etc)



We stayed at this family owned chalet which is located right on the slopes.

What to do

Weisse Ring: Our days were spent touring the Weisse Ring, an impressive 22km ski round tour in the Alps.

It starts in Lech and loops around Zürs, Zug and Oberlech, offering gorgeous panoramic views along the way.

Weihnachtsmarkt: The absolute highlight for me was heading up to the Weihnachtsmarkt where you can literally spend hours drinking Glühwein by an open fire, eating Poffertjes...Reibekuchen... and gebrannte Mandeln :) It is truly beautiful in Lech as they line the sidewalk with huge candles lining the riverside.


If your heading to Lech, chances are you will be eating all of your meals at the hotel and that's why there aren't many proper restaurants around. As expected, every five course dinner culminated with a delicious (and excessive!) food coma.

The produce is locally sourced and it's very common for the meat to come from the hotel's family hunters.

You can really notice how that bond is carried through, from the meticulous way the food is arranged on the plates to sense of pride you feel from the family owners.

It's a truly mouth-watering experience and I can't wait to come back for more next year!

Schneggerei: This was our hot stop for lunch in between skiing and also a cosy place to go for cosy drinks. Watch out for the apres ski games involved nails, wood and hammers ;)


Fux: There are loads of small bars but Fux stood out for us as a favourite.

Vernissage: A club in Zurs (there are a few others too), which was really good fun!

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